Thursday, 21 November 2019

New Zealand Largest Waterslides Open

New Zealand's largest water slide opens in Hammer Springs in North Canterbury. The slide has been named Conical Thrill and is 13.5 meters. The slide includes a twisting hydro slide before a steep drop that propels people up a vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness. The new slide was officially opening on Friday morning. Five new thermal pools connected by waterfalls were also opened. 
The slide is big and the slide opened this year and this month. I want to go to the slide because I have not swam in age's and I want to see how big the slide is and I want to go there with my family so we can have a brake from everything but I can not have a brake because school is my favourite thing. The reason why I do not want to take a brake it is because I want to learn new stuff and I want to play with my friends before they go to collage and spend time with them and wish them good luck when they go to collage. 

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