Monday, 9 December 2019

Weather Bomb Hits Te Waipounamu

A huge weather bomb has hit large parts of Te Waipounamu of the South Island. 

Wild weather remains high winds and rough rain have soaked up nearly the whole city of Southern New Zealand.

Around 970 tourists were trapped in Franz Josef and were unlikely to get out until Friday. The council of Timaru has said it could take weeks to recover from flood damage that has been caused lately. This is a very big disaster that has been token in action down the south island, I think this big incident is going to come through my city which I'm very afraid of.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Taranaki Maunga Only To Be Known By Maori Name

Taranaki Maunga 

This mountain is only allowed to be named a Maori not anything else. Why does this mountain have to be named Maori?

I think that this mountain has to be named in Maori because it is special and that the name goes well with the mountain. They've had an agreement and it has to be called Taranaki Maunga. I have never heard of this mountain before, but I think it has a good name, and I think it stay as this name. I like the picture of the mountain because it has a nice view and you get to see it probably from where ever you live.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

New Zealand Largest Waterslides Open

New Zealand's largest water slide opens in Hammer Springs in North Canterbury. The slide has been named Conical Thrill and is 13.5 meters. The slide includes a twisting hydro slide before a steep drop that propels people up a vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness. The new slide was officially opening on Friday morning. Five new thermal pools connected by waterfalls were also opened. 
The slide is big and the slide opened this year and this month. I want to go to the slide because I have not swam in age's and I want to see how big the slide is and I want to go there with my family so we can have a brake from everything but I can not have a brake because school is my favourite thing. The reason why I do not want to take a brake it is because I want to learn new stuff and I want to play with my friends before they go to collage and spend time with them and wish them good luck when they go to collage. 

Monday, 4 November 2019

In The Weekend

In the weekend my older brother Tuipulotu's partner came over to help my mum with the shopping and making chocolate necklaces for my brother Tuipulotu because it  was his Graduation Day. After that we went to buy meat, drinks and etc. for the BBQ. After the BBQ we had some Ice-Cream help make the necklaces.

 I was so tired I couldn't walk to my room properly, but I managed to. When I arrived at my destination I fell onto the bed and next thing I knew I was sleeping.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

My Sleepover

My Sleepover

In the weekend I went over to Satuis house because it was his birthday. Satui said to his mum that he wanted us to sleepover at his house. So who sleepover was Texas, Damian, Fabian, and I. We had to pack our clothes and our shoes because we were gonna go to the mall to buy some more bey blades but we could not because the mum had taken the car. It was fun because we were cleaning up and we were eating and singing. After that we drank Fanta and played Fortnite. Satui said to all of us we have to take one turn each on Fortnite because Damian was hogging the game to himself but we did not even care.

Then it was nighttime we watched a horror movie and that horror movie was called The Conjuring 2 and it was very scary because it was nighttime. I said to them that this is not even scary but the movie was based on a true story. I went to sleep the same time as Henry and then we did all nighters. We played Fortnite until it was 7 or 8 in the morning. The we went to sleep because we all were tired but the sister woke all of us up to clean the house up and we were all moaning but we still clean up and we all had a coffee each and then the cake came and it was yum because it had all the flavours then we all went back to our houses and played Fortnite and we said thanks for having us over then we all went to sleep at 5:00 clock and we got off Fortnite.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Sky City Burning

Workers told the firefighters to keep going and to work over night. Firefighters had got sick from putting the fire down and they were telling the 1 news and i was shocked that those workers had to tell them keep working over night. If I was the firefighters i would say to them why should we do it? well if you say that we have to do it you do it because it is hard being a hard firefighter. Firefighters deserve better then that because the firefighters might have kids or teenager kids and the parents might die from the smoke and the fire.

The workers that worked at sky city got told from the other workers to stay put. It is very sad because they had to stay put for 4 hours. I would evacuate the whole building and tell them that their is a fire going on so get out of the building right now because we do not want all of you hard workers getting sick.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Disrespecting The All Blacks Haka

Disrespecting The Haka

A haka expert says that Ireland is aloud to sing when the all blacks are doing their haka. I think that it is disrespecting the all blacks because the people that go to watch the all blacks haka they cheer for them. It is very disrespectful because when the Ireland people do the haka the all blacks players might cheer for them or they might be disrespectful. I think that Ireland thinks that they are funny and they think they are clever because they think that the all blacks couldn't see them singing but they might of had check the 1 news and they must of been angry. If I was Ireland i wouldn't disrespect the all blacks at all because I would of been ashamed at myself because i am been bad and singing.

If I was Ireland I would of have been cheering for them and I would of had been saying to the all blacks go go and I would cheer for both of the rugby teams because that is showing respect and that is showing that Ireland is not disrespecting. The haka expert says that it is good and stuff but if i was the haka expert I would of have said no singing because you Ireland people are been disrespectful and been bad enough to that so do not do it or else you will be out of the stadium and you would not be aloud to watch the match against the All Blacks and Ireland rugby team.